Andrew Schoen


Andrew joined NEA in 2014 and invests in founders innovating in AI/ML, fintech, frontier tech, infrastructure software, technically differentiated SaaS and security. Prior to NEA, he was a member of Blackstone’s M&A Group. Prior to Blackstone, he founded Flicstart. Andrew serves on the Cornell University Council, the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship at Cornell, and is President Emeritus of the Cornell Venture Capital Club. He earned his master’s degree as a Schwarzman Scholar and his bachelor’s degree in economics and science of earth systems in engineering at Cornell.

How do you approach relationship-building?

Trust and teamwork. I offer a WYSIWYG interface: what you see is what you get. When I commit to partnering with a founder, I put all my cards on the table, face-up, and we play together as a team. We operate in sync, sharing the same facts, challenges, and triumphs.

What’s a philosophy that guides your approach to investing?

A VC should only invest in companies that ignite a deep, visceral excitement. This excitement serves as a dual-filter: for founders, it's a vital criterion towards selecting an investor who is genuinely and doggedly committed to your mission. For me, as an investor, it guides where I allocate my time (and capital). Life is too short to work on things that don’t fire us up!

What’s something you look for in a founder?

Resource magnetism. By this, I mean the ability to attract not just the capital, but the talent, technology, and customers crucial for success. Stylistically, this doesn’t mean slick and salesy—it is domain-specific. This quality is often the hallmark of a visionary leader capable of building something extraordinary.

What matters most in the process of company-building?

Grit, manifested as persistent enthusiasm with substance.

What part of your personality makes you well-suited for venture?

I bring a blend of analytical rigor and intuitive insight. I dive deep on companies, technologies, and markets to ensure full situational awareness at a granular level in support of my portfolio companies. I pair that with the guiding principle that I invest only in companies which evoke an electrifying conviction in their potential to generate scaled, meaningful and positive impact.

An investor should be as committed to your vision as you are. They should offer more than just capital—they should offer true partnership, connections, and unflinching support.

Andrew Schoen, Partner