• 07/05/23

    8 Hypotheses on the Future of Consumer Social

    We are evolutionarily programmed to be social. Back when our ancestors had daily confrontations with existential threats, those who operated in…

    By: Ann Bordetsky, Danielle Lay and Hunter Worland

    Social Media

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  • 06/14/23

    Kira Learning: Democratizing AI Literacy

    Computers in classrooms The year is 1968. The place is just outside of Seattle. Teachers at Lakeside School have a firm belief that textbook…

    By: Carmen Chang, Brandon Christie and Jeon Kang

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  • 06/06/23

    Rewriting the Startup Playbook for the Age of AI

    As generative AI explodes the company-building rules, founders backed by NEA identify 4 key emerging trends. With interest in generative artificial…

    Artificial Intelligence, AI, Robotics

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  • 05/17/23

    Imagining Gen Z Fintech and Budgeting

    “Young, Poor and Looking to Invest?” is how The Wall Street Journal titled its first feature on the commission-free, fractional trading platform,…

    By: Ann Bordetsky and Hunter Worland

    Gen Z, Consumer, Fintech, Investment

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