Hunter Worland

Senior Associate

Hunter is focused on consumer and enterprise technology investing—working closely with companies like Kindred, Fabric8Labs, Rocket.Chat, Juvo, Stash, and LXA. Prior to joining NEA in 2021, Hunter was an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in New York, where he worked with media, financial services, and medical technology clients. Hunter graduated from Harvard University with a degree in history and government, as well as a certificate in Latin American studies and a Hoopes Prize.

As an investor focused on both consumer and enterprise technologies, what types of companies pique your interest?

I’m most excited about companies that leverage technology to solve problems for everyday people and businesses, not just in Silicon Valley or Manhattan. How technology is distributed can be just as powerful as the technology itself.

What excites you about the types of companies you work with?

I think the distribution of AI will shape a new generation of consumers with a fundamentally different view of work, health, finances, relationships, and commerce. It’s exciting to be able to work with some of the companies behind this evolution.

What’s something you appreciate about your colleagues?

Openness to new ideas. My colleagues aren’t just willing to hear about frontier sectors, geographies, or technologies—they welcome it.

What’s a childhood personality trait of yours that still persists today?

Curiosity about the world. Growing up, I would ask my parents for atlases and maps for my birthday. I’d like to think my global curiosity has become (slightly) more sophisticated than staring at maps, but the passion remains the same.

How would you describe NEA’s approach to problem-solving?

With almost a half-century of history, there are very few problems or obstacles that NEA hasn't seen before. We’re calm, clear, and measured when helping our founders navigate a new challenge because we’ve almost always seen it before.

Tell us something you learned in college that’s influenced how you think about investing.

I wrote my senior thesis about decolonization in French Guiana. It’s an overlooked period in a far-flung geography, but nonetheless, its history has global implications for our world today. It’s a reminder of the value of looking to the frontiers, beyond where our attention is already saturated.

How do you hope to see venture capital evolve in the future?

Innovation is happening across all geographies, yet the majority of venture capital attention remains focused on specific areas. In the future, I want to see more resources put toward unlocking the potential of traditionally overlooked communities.

Which parts of your personality make you well-suited for your role?

Exceptional, unparalleled humility. And sarcasm.

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