Gen Z: Opportunities for Innovation

Series Introduction

Gen Z – born into the era of the mobile internet, social networks, and digitally native commerce – is coming of age in an increasingly complex world and challenging convention with fresh perspectives and new emerging norms.

As investors, we watch for intersections where cultural shifts meet technology, moments when trends and societal evolutions collide to create opportunities. As Gen Z becomes the driving force in pop culture, at work and in commerce, we wanted to explore the unique perspective and needs of Gen Z users and share what we find distinctive about this generation of digital natives.

In this Gen Z series, we throw out the typical VC market map and instead dive into an exploration of fundamental domains of Gen Z consumer life: commerce, financial health, careers, social life, etc. We'll be sharing our takes through this series, and we are excited to spark conversation with builders focused on Gen Z.

If you're a founder or team building for the Gen Z future, we welcome your perspectives, and we'd love to hear from you!

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In this series:

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