Elion: The First Independent, Authoritative Digital Health Marketplace to Power Buying Decisions

Elion building first-of-its-kind digital health marketplace

The recent explosion of digital health has been catalyzed by several macro factors: the pandemic upended care delivery status quo, investments in healthcare digitization accelerated, and regulatory tailwinds continued to support innovation. In 2021, $29B was invested in the sector across 729 deals.[i] Despite the recent economic downturn, there’s never been a better time to build a digital health company.

As longtime healthcare investors, NEA has had a firsthand view of the rapidly emerging ecosystem of digital health companies. In our effort to support these companies as they tackle massive healthcare challenges, we consistently and frequently hear about the overwhelming set of technology and service provider choices founders have to make when building their businesses. Unfortunately, due to the pace of growth and dizzying number of options, a trusted, independent, and authoritative resource has not existed.

Founding Story

Together, alongside Elion CEO Bobby Guelich and Max Ventures, the NEA team became convinced that an independent company was needed to address the service provider selection gap and subsequently, Elion was founded to fill the void.

Elion is building the first-of-its-kind digital health marketplace, leveraging structured insights to enable better healthcare technology decisions. Through its comprehensive vendor marketplace, stakeholder-driven insights, and in-depth, tactical content, Elion provides the resources healthcare builders need to discover, evaluate and select the solutions to power their businesses.

From the initial meeting, NEA and Max knew that Bobby was aligned on the vision for Elion. Bobby is a longtime digital health veteran who helped build Oscar and Trialspark, two high-growth healthcare companies, and has directly experienced the same pain points felt by many early-stage healthcare builders. With limited time and resources, Bobby and his teams had to make countless decisions that impacted both core and non-core functions of businesses. In hindsight, the common sentiment between Bobby and other digital health builders we spoke to was: Why doesn’t a healthcare vendor marketplace tool exist today?

Enter Elion

Elion recently announced its seed financing and launched its initial product marketplace, marking the beginning of the journey to make it easier for builders to create the next generation of great healthcare companies. With its initial product, Elion is building a content-driven marketplace that allows healthcare builders to discover, evaluate and select the technology and service vendors that address their most pressing needs.

Initial product features include:

  • Ataxonomy that brings structure to the universe of digital health infrastructure vendors
  • Amarketplace that makes it easy for builders to discover and compare vendors
  • In-depth content that gives buyers the context and knowledge they need to make better vendor decisions

With market feedback, Elion will be rapidly expanding its universe and launching new product features with the goal of helping builders create better healthcare companies in less time.

Dashboard example of Elion, a healthcare technology company

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point: Bobby, Matt, Lukas, Aayush, Sha, Varun, Jenny, Josh, Jeff, Brendan, Nikhil, Dhruv, etc. Elion is just getting started. If you’re a digital health builder who wants to fundamentally enable healthcare companies to deliver better care, faster, then join the team.

If you are a vendor or builder who wants to be a part of the Elion platform, check it out here.

Lily Huang, NEA; Bobby Guelich, Elion; Matt Weinberg, Max Ventures
Lily Huang, NEA; Bobby Guelich, Elion; Matt Weinberg, Max Ventures

[i] https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/digital-health/digital-health-funding-topped-29b-2021-almost-doubling-2020-s-record-breaking-year

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