Philip Chopin

Managing Director, NEA UK

Philip is Managing Director of NEA UK and is based in London, where he leads the firm’s European efforts. He has led investments in Sana Labs, DJUST and VAST Data. Prior to NEA, Philip was a Partner at 83North, where he led and was involved in numerous investments, including Paddle, Pelico, Exotec, Podimo, HungryPanda, and Wolt. Previously, Philip was Senior Director of International at SSENSE. Earlier in his career, Philip was a Project Leader at BCG. Philip holds an MBA from Kellogg and a MSc from Grenoble Ecole de Management.

You’re leading NEA’s investing efforts in Europe. What excites you about this market?

There’s a refreshing level of enthusiasm in European startup culture, and I’m thrilled to see an increasing number of European founders dreaming big. Europe has strong educational foundations, so it’s become a prime destination for top talent in tech. The first European category leaders have also become role models for the next generation of founders, so I’m incredibly optimistic about the future.

You began your career in a country you had never been to. How did that experience impact you?

Joining BCG in Mexico City was far from an obvious choice for me. I had to master a new language and understand the subtlety of a completely different culture. It was harder than I ever imagined, but ultimately, it turned out to be the best experience early in my career. It taught me that with relentless effort, anything is possible.

How would a founder describe working with you?

I think they would say that I’m hands-on and truly invested in helping them grow their business. I’m always there to provide guidance and I’ll over-index on helping founders build the best team possible. I am a big believer that great teams can achieve exceptional outcomes, so I spend a large percentage of my time recruiting top-tier candidates to our portfolio companies.

What qualities do you look for in a founder?

I look for founders who are curious, deeply passionate about solving real problems, and relentless about doing everything they can to achieve their goals.

What’s one question that every founder should be asking a potential investor?

For me, it’s how have you supported founders in both good and bad times? And, if you’re considering taking an investor on your board, make sure you ask for founder references.

From your perspective, how does NEA live up to its core values?

Our core values are trust, excellence, and teamwork, and I’ve always felt that they’re deeply and authentically embraced by everyone in the organization. I find myself leaning into them whenever I have a difficult decision to make. Teamwork is particularly unique in venture, but this is our way of bringing the utmost value to our founders without allowing egos to get in the way.

How do you spend time outside of work?

I play tennis every week (when it’s not raining in London) and it helps me maintain a sense of balance in my life. I’m always up for a morning match with a founder, colleague, or fellow investor—I’ve built strong friendships on the court. If you’re up for a game, let me know!

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