Founder Forward • Episode 1

WeaveGrid & GoodLeap:

Passion, Purpose and a Path to Profitability

Hosted by Kate Barrett and Jeff ImmeltFeb 15, 2023

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In this episode, WeaveGrid Co-Founder Apoorv Bhargava speaks with host Kate Barrett about what it takes to innovate in the climate tech space, what makes a company venture-backable, and how to design a solution where every stakeholder wins. Throughout the conversation, GoodLeap Founder Hayes Barnard and NEA’s Jeff Immelt chime in with their own insights and advice about getting investors to buy into sustainability and ESG, what matters in mentorship, and tried-and-true methods for building a great team. Tune in to find out what each of these founders has learned along the way about leading a successful mission-driven company.

"Focus on things that matter for humanity and that matter for the world... These CEOs are so talented—they have the ability to do anything, but you can't do everything. So do something that really matters."

Hayes Barnard - Founder, Goodleap

Topics covered on todays episode

  • What a powerful mission can mean for a company

  • Assembling the best team at every stage of growth

  • Why founders should be wary of the "growth at all costs" mantra

  • Capitalizing climate tech and sustainability

Guests on today's episode

Kate Barrett speaks with:


Apoorv Bhargava


CEO and Co-founder

Apoorv Bhargava is the CEO and Co-founder of WeaveGrid, a software company building data products to enable the electric transportation transition. In this episode, Apoorv chats with host Kate Barrett about building a sustainable and successful business, leading a mission-driven company and assembling the best team at every stage of growth.

Jeff Immelt speaks with:


Hayes Barnard


Founder, Chairman and CEO

Hayes Barnard is CEO and Founder of GoodLeap, a marketplace for sustainable solutions, delivering a digital-first experience that is simple, fast, and frictionless. In this episode, Hayes chats with NEA Venture Partner and GoodLeap Advisor, Jeff Immelt, about forging a path to success in the challenging sustainability space and the importance of great talent in realizing the company's mission.