Founder Forward • Episode 6

Thirteen Lune & Mejuri:

Leaning Into Consumer Trends and Cultural Shifts to Build a Powerful D2C Brand

Hosted by Kate Barrett and Vanessa LarcoMay 03, 2023

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In this episode, Nyakio Grieco, Co-Founder of Thirteen Lune, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce beauty platform featuring Black and Brown-owned brands, speaks with host Kate Barrett about how a cultural turning point led her to create a mission-driven startup, how to harness an ever-evolving marketing stack to drive growth, and the importance of vetting potential investors. Throughout the conversation, Mejuri CEO and Co-Founder Noura Sakkijha and NEA Partner Vanessa Larco share insightful commentary about changing consumer behaviors, how to hire for long-term growth, and the powerful ways in which measurement can help propel a business forward. Tune in to hear what inspired Nyakio and Noura to become founders, how their families and backgrounds shaped their entrepreneurial visions, and why it's important to infuse a company's values into every aspect of the business.

"I think we [CEOs] fall into this narrative of wanting to make everybody feel like everything is good and dandy, and I think that doesn't get you
to the right places because you need a shared reality and shared responsibility from those around you to solve problems."

— Noura Sakkijha - Co-Founder & CEO, Mejuri

Topics covered on todays episode

  • How family and culture can shape an entrepreneurial vision

  • Measurement and the ever-changing marketing stack

  • Ensuring your founding mission and values scale with the business

  • Steering clear of "dumb money"

Guests on today's episode

Kate Barrett speaks with:


Nyakio Grieco

Thirteen Lune|


Nyakio Greico is Co-Founder of Thirteen Lune, an inclusive beauty e-commerce destination, launched as the first of its kind e-commerce destination designed to inspire the discovery of beauty brands created by BIPOC founders that resonate with people of all colors. On this episode, Nyakio chats with host, Kate Barrett, about how cultural turning point helped her to create and scale a mission-driven company.

Vanessa Larco speaks with:


Noura Sakkijha


Co-Founder and CEO

Noura Sakkijha is Co-Founder and CEO of Mejuri, a global fine jewelry company that believes luxury should be accessible, fun, and part of your everyday. The brand works with top jewelers, who commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices, to eliminate middlemen and produce quality essentials to sell directly to consumers. On this episode, Noura chat's with Mejuri board member, Vanessa Larco, about fundamentally changing the way consumers approach jewelry purchases.