Founder Forward • Episode 5

Flowbo & Patreon:

Fueling the Creator Economy

Hosted by Kate Barrett and Jonathan GoldenApr 19, 2023

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In this episode, Flowbo CEO & co-founder Daniel Kang talks to host Kate Barrett about his path to entrepreneurship, what inspired him to build financial infrastructure for creators and influencers, and navigating new challenges as his company grows. Throughout the conversation, Patreon CEO and co-founder Jack Conte and NEA partner Jonathan Golden discuss the unique challenges creators face in monetizing their work, how a marketplace platform can shift the power dynamics between brands, institutions and individuals, and perspectives on prioritizing product versus growth as the business scales. Tune in to find out what compelled Daniel and Jack to build companies in service to creators, what really matters most when choosing investors, and valuable lessons each has learned as a first-time founder.

"What I think is needed for creative people is leverage and control and power. We see power shifting away from institutions and media companies and toward individuals, toward people who have followings and audiences and trust and relationships with the people that they're serving."

— Jack Conte - Co-Founder & CEO, Patreon

Topics covered on todays episode

  • Barriers creators face to monetizing their work

  • Shifting power dynamics between brands, institutions and individuals

  • Navigating tough choices and trade-offs as your company grows

  • Finding the right investor for the next stage of the journey

Guests on today's episode

Kate Barrett speaks with:


Daniel Kang


Founder & CEO

Daniel Kang is Founder & CEO of Flowbo, a marketplace that connects investors to content creators with predictable platform revenue, providing access to funding for creators and enabling investors to share in their success. On this episode, Daniel chats with host, Kate Barrett, about his path to entrepreneurship and what it's like to scale a business as a first-time founder.

Jonathan Golden speaks with:


Jack Conte


Co-Founder and CEO

Jack Conte is Co-Founder and CEO of Patreon, a membership platform that connects creators and their most passionate fans by providing exclusive access to their work and a deeper connection with their communities. On this episode, Jack chats with Patreon board observer, Jonathan Golden discuss Patreon's journey so far inspiring and supporting a new generation of content creators.