• April 16, 2018

    SaaStr Podcast Episode 171

    I recently connected with Harry Stebbings of SaaStr to chat about the evolution of opensource software. We covered developer demand, business modeling, founder conviction, market appeal and more. Check it out HERE.

    • March 20, 2018

    CoEdition: Pioneering the Fashion Revolution for Women Sizes 10+

    At NEA, we’ve seen the power of marketplaces that transform industries where supply and demand have historically been mismatched. The plus-size women’s clothing market represents one of the greatest underserved segments in fashion and ecommerce today. I first became interested in who was solving the challenges in this market when I learned this: 67% of American women are plus-size, but only 18% of all apparel purchases are plus-size. That means two out of every three American women don’t have…

  • Fishing Scheme: Artificial Intelligence for an Authentic Solution

    At NEA, we are constantly on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs, and unique applications of innovative technologies. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find both in the same place—as we did with Bryton Shang and Aquabyte. Today, we are thrilled to announce our investment in Aquabyte, a startup applying computer vision and machine learning models to optimize fish farming efficiency. My partner Greg Papadopoulos and I are leading this investment on behalf of NEA. Having a primary focus…

    • October 2, 2017

    True Partnership: Our Approach to Healthcare Innovation and Company Building

    NEA will invest more than $1.25B in healthcare companies in the next three years. Here's what you should know. As a global, diversified VC firm with more than $20B in committed capital, we believe that size confers some distinct advantages. But after almost a decade as part of NEA’s healthcare practice, I’ve learned that our scale isn’t always well understood. The breadth of our activity can obfuscate the depth of our expertise. From the perspective of an entrepreneur or investor who is…

  • Deciphering the Current Wave of Cybersecurity Venture Capital

    The current wave of venture investing in cybersecurity took off in 2012, catalyzed by three major IPOs: Proofpoint, Splunk and Palo Alto Networks. As is typical, big exits in a space significantly increase investor confidence and drive up supply of capital as additional investors rush in hoping to find the “next big thing.” 2013 saw another major exit with the “eye-popping” IPO of FireEye. It also became the year that cybersecurity rocketed to the forefront of public attention — first after…