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  • 09/16/22

    Building for the Next Generation of Young Creators

    Tract, a social learning platform At NEA, we pay special attention to consumer trends and the way new generations are interacting with digital…

    By: Ann Bordetsky and Eileen Qian

    Consumer, Education, Creator Economy

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  • 03/17/15

    FiftyThree: Reimagining the “Blank Slate”

    FiftyThree, developer of the inspirational Paper app, Pencil stylus, and a thriving interactive community for creators called Mix, today announced a…

    Consumer, Education, Enterprise, Investment, Mobile

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  • 11/13/12

    A Crisis in Education is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste” – Stanford Economist Paul Romer, speaking to a group of venture capitalists, 2004 The U.S. education…

    Data, Education, Strategy

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  • 09/04/12

    Desire2Learn: Leading the Renaissance in Education

    Today we announced our investment in Desire2Learn, one of the largest and fastest growing cloud learning platforms for the education industry. The…

    Cloud Computing, Education, Investment, Strategy

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  • 04/18/12

    Charting a new course in online education

    Venture capitalists talk a lot about investing in companies that can change the world. Occasionally we find some that may actually do it. Today…

    By: Scott Sandell

    Education, Investment

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