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  • 12/11/17

    NEA & MuleSoft: The Rise of Application Networks

    The largest transformations in the world economy have often been the result of network effects. Throughout human history, remarkable progress has…

    Data, Cloud Computing, Enterprise

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  • 12/07/17

    You Should Make an App for That

    I remember listening skeptically to a talk at MIT by a young Mitch Kapor describing how he was going to take on VisiCalc with an even better…

    By: Greg Papadopoulos, PhD

    Data, Investment, Services, Venture Capital

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  • 03/26/15

    FusionOps: Moving the Modern Supply Chain to the Cloud

    Work It Harder. Make It Better. Do It Faster. (Daft Punk, 2001) We are excited to announce our investment in FusionOps, the leader in cloud-based…

    Data, Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Investment

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  • 08/27/14

    GoEuro: One destination, optimal transportation

    Two decades ago, planning a trip involved calling a travel agent and trusting them to book what you wanted. Today, anyone can go online and be…

    By: Forest Baskett, PhD and Rick Yang

    Data, Consumer, Investment, Services

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  • 06/30/14

    Databricks makes venture seem easy

    What I love most about being an investor—well, there are two things. One is building relationships with amazing entrepreneurs, many of whom humble…

    By: Peter Sonsini

    Data, Enterprise, Investment

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  • 06/05/14

    Elasticsearch: achieving the analytics dream

    Analytics infrastructure has never been easy. As enterprise investors, we know this all too well—as data is generated from various applications and…

    Data, Enterprise, Investment

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