An Evolved Brand for an Evolving World

by Scott SandellJan 09, 2024

The story of NEA began 45 years ago with a team of people who believed that innovation and entrepreneurship were key to shaping a better world.

Over those 45 years we have been lucky enough to partner with audacious companies that have shaped the landscape of both technology and healthcare. We have also maneuvered through enormous change—in the world at large and in our world of venture.

Over the last 5–10 years in particular, things have changed rapidly. We have evolved from a one or two market concentration to a truly global, dispersed venture ecosystem. We have moved from a remarkable bull run to the harsh reality of rising interest rates and inflation. And we are in the early days of a transformative, AI-driven innovation cycle. 

So we started to ask ourselves some big questions: What does it mean to participate—and lead—in venture in 2024 and beyond? What are we doing right? Where do we need to push ourselves to meet this moment and best support both current and future NEA founders?

That process of inquiry has led us to a refreshed NEA brand that both honors our past and pushes us toward the future. 

I think our company manifesto tells the story best.

Through this brand refresh we are doubling down on what we know in our hearts and minds to be true about venture, about company-building, and about the magic of NEA: 

  • That relationships must come first—with our founders, with our LPs, and with one another.

  • That both imagination and perseverance are essential ingredients for company-building.

  • And that as our founders explore the very edges of what’s possible, NEA will be there to support them with deep expertise and calm, grounded guidance.

We feel fortunate to be writing this next chapter of NEA alongside our extraordinary founders.