Tiffany Luck


Tiffany joined NEA in 2023 as a Partner on the technology team focused on early-stage AI, APIs and B2B SaaS. Previously, Tiffany was a Partner at GGV Capital, where she led investments in Pinwheel, Mindee, Stream,, Fairmarkit, Workboard and Tiffany started her career in marketing and business development, with roles at Forbes, Lot18 and Amazon. She also worked on Morgan Stanley's Technology Investment Banking team advising companies such as Github, Netflix and Zoom. Tiffany received a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

What’s one word you want founders to use when describing their partnership with you?

Enduring. Company-building is a long journey, and it's important for founders and investors to be on the same team. I love working with founders from the earliest days and building deep relationships that will stand the test of time.

How does NEA provide value throughout a founder’s journey?

What you need as a founder changes as you build and scale your company. I love how the NEA team weaves together a group of people with different areas of expertise to help and guide founders depending on what’s needed in that moment -- whether it’s scaling a team, GTM support, geographic expansion, and more!

What’s a philosophy that guides your approach to company-building?

Never underestimate the power of compounding -- doing more and more of the right things and recovering quickly from the wrong things. Day-to-day progress can feel slow, but when you look back over months or years, you'll see just how far you've come.

In what ways does NEA’s ethos align with your personal ethos?

‘The NEA Way’ is rooted in trust, which aligns deeply with how I approach all things. I believe trust is the critical foundation that everything else is built upon. This comes through in the way we work as a team and join together to support founders

What excites you about the sectors you’re focused on?

We're living in an exciting time with incredible teams coming together to build in AI. Technology has always had the power to change the world, and now the scope and speed of change are supercharged by AI–and this is just the beginning!

How does your family influence your perspective on your work?

I have young children, and I often think about how the world they are growing up in is being shaped by the founders I meet every day. I am inspired by and grateful for the ability to invest in people who are building the future – which is especially true in this era of AI and unprecedented innovation.

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Children: Colette and Henry