Danielle Ezratty


Danielle joined NEA in 2023 and currently focuses on investments in digital health. Previously, she worked at Clayton, Dubilier & Rice on its healthcare team, focused on growth and buyout investing in healthcare services. She started her career at Morgan Stanley in the Investment Banking division. There, Danielle focused on M&A advisory in the Natural Resources/Global Industrials group. Danielle graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, from Duke University with a BS in economics with a finance concentration.

Which part of your personality makes you well-suited for venture?

I‘m a natural community builder. I find energy from bringing people together, whether that’s investors, founders, or colleagues at a firm. With that comes both empathy and thoughtfulness, which spans from remembering the little things about people to thinking critically about what questions are necessary to diligence.

What excites you about your focus on healthcare?

I’m someone who gets bored easily, so healthcare excites me because it’s incredibly complex. Once you think you’ve figured it out, there are 10 more layers to dig into and a whole host of new questions to answer. You can never fully master everything, and someone else always knows more. It’s a space that feeds my intellectual curiosity and challenges me each day.

How would you describe the team at NEA?

I think the team at NEA is the perfect balance of ambition and approachability. The people are smart, accomplished, and motivated to drive success for our portfolio companies, LPs, and the firm—but also incredibly friendly, warm, and personable.

What’s been the most helpful piece of advice you’ve received from a colleague?

In order to be the most successful in your career you need to find the niche role where you will derive the most energy and fulfillment and where you can accentuate your strengths in a differentiated way. Much like any new business, it’s essential to find your own personal product-market fit.

What’s a trait you had as a child that is still present in you today?

I was an incredibly stubborn, determined child. I refused to try new foods (in fact, my diet was one-third pizza, one-third chicken fingers, and one-third fruit for my elementary school years). I only wanted to do what my older siblings were doing. And I was generally unwilling to take no for an answer. I’m still stubborn in a lot of ways, but I like to think this makes me persistent and ambitious. I’m willing to put in the hard work because I want to get to the right answer or finish the project.

If you hadn’t found  your way into venture capital, what would you be doing?

I would probably be a Peloton instructor—in fact, I’ve been told that I should be one. Growing up playing soccer instilled in me a deep appreciation for fitness and community. As a marathon runner, I love trying to bring more people into the running community and to remove the intimidation associated with being active. I am the go-to friend for running shoe recommendations, injury advice, and, most importantly, the high five when the hard work is done.

Harry Potter series reader
Marathon finisher (so far)
NYC restaurants visited over 4 years (including 30+ pizza)