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Meet the NEA Fellows Class of 2023

At NEA, we back founders that are building businesses for a better future. In that endeavor, we believe the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, and operators, have something to teach us. That’s why every fall we select a diverse group of extraordinary students from universities across the country to join The Fellowship Program. Our fellows work hand-in-hand with our investment team in developing new theses, finding exceptional companies, and supporting our portfolio.

This year we are welcoming nine fellows from eight universities:

Headshot of Sahit Dehan, NEA Fellow 2023

Sahit Dehan is a student at Stanford University in the Class of 2024 studying symbolic systems and computer science. On campus, Sahit is a portfolio manager and board member of the Charles Blyth Fund, vice president of the Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students Association, and director of startup development of Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students. As an entrepreneur, Sahit is the founder of Hollr, a social recommendation startup to make our online experience more honest and social. On the weekends, Sahit is likely playing ultimate frisbee or watching the latest blockbuster. Sahit is most excited to explore fintech, AI/ML, devops spaces as a fellow.

Nadine Fattah, NEA Fellow 2023

Nadine Fattah is a student at Stanford University in the Class of 2023, majoring in management science and engineering. On campus, Nadine is a teaching assistant for the Graduate School of Business’ most popular course and a social impact consultant for Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students’ Association. On weekends, Nadine is often taking long walks with friends, exploring new coffee shops, or exploring recent runway fashion trends. As a fellow, Nadine is most excited to learn about new industries and different investment styles.

Tanay Rishi, NEA Fellow 2023

Tanay Rishi is a student at the University of Texas, Austin in the Class of 2024, majoring in finance. In addition to his studies, Tanay has gained startup experience at Zendesk, Alinea, and Self Financial. As an emerging investor, Tanay has also worked hands-on with the teams at Battery Ventures and Republic. On weekends, Tanay is likely playing sports or watching new movies. As a fellow, Tanay is most excited to gain expertise in focus industries and build his entrepreneurial network.

Tevin Singei, NEA Fellow 2023

Tevin Singei is a student at Princeton University in the Class of 2025, majoring in economics and political economy. Tevin has built his experience in global investing at SoftBank, Ascent Capital, Sentinel Global Advisers, and Dalberg Global Development Advisors. On the weekends, Tevin likes to take long walks, listen to podcasts, and spend quality time with family and friends. As a fellow, Tevin is most excited to dive deeper into the B2B SaaS ecosystem and refine his investment framework.

Nouf Al Soghyar, NEA Fellow 2023

Nouf Al Soghyar is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the Class of 2024, majoring in computer science. Outside her studies, Nouf most notably serves as a venture partner at Contrary, the university-focused venture fund. As an entrepreneur, Nouf founded Covalent, a team-building application with icebreakers & video calling consolidated into one accessible platform and has been awarded a patent. In her free time, Nouf enjoys boxing and lifting weights. As a fellow, Nouf is most looking forward to researching trends in fintech as well as supporting portfolio companies.

Kate Spencer, NEA Fellow 2023

Kate Spencer is a student at the University of Pennsylvania in the Class of 2024, majoring in economics. Through internships and prior fellowships, Kate has developed experience as a young investor at Picus Capital, Antler VC, Fifth Wall Ventures, and Amasia. In her free time, Kate enjoys running, playing tennis, and mixing music. As a fellow, Kate is most excited to dig deeper into the DevOps / AI ecosystem.

McKenzie Stanley, NEA Fellow 2023

McKenzie Stanley is a student at Texas A&M University in the Class of 2025, majoring in finance. On campus, McKenzie is a campus ambassador for the Forte Foundation, cohort fellow for Gen Z VCs, and Vice President of Programs for the university student class council. On weekends, McKenzie loves to run and play tennis. As a fellow, McKenzie is most excited to learn the mechanics behind startup financing and explore new industry landscapes.

Micherice Tao, NEA Fellow 2023

Micherice Tao is a student at the University of Pennsylvania in the Class of 2023, double majoring in finance and electrical engineering. Outside of her studies, Micherice is the lead investor of the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund and strategy and growth lead at We3, a community of women and non-binary people excited about web3. In her free time, Micherice enjoys curating new music playlists, cooking, or trying out new products. As a fellow, Micherice is most excited to work with NEA portfolio companies and craft new investment theses.

Eugenia Trakal, NEA Fellow 2023

Eugenia Trakal is a student at Arizona State University in the Class of 2025, majoring in finance. On campus, Eugenia is a campus ambassador for Girls Who Invest, chief operating officer for the non-profit Bridging the Gap, and director of education for the Arizona Microcredit Initiative. In her free time, Eugenia is often practicing violin, playing tennis, or listening to Taylor Swift. As a fellow, Eugenia is most excited to dive deeper into the consumer internet ecosystem and analyze macro technological developments.

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