MuleSoft: Leading the Next Frontier of Enterprise Disruption

Apr 03, 2013

Today, more than ever before, enterprises are buying software from multiple vendors and have started to shift their applications to the cloud. At the same time, enterprises are adopting new infrastructure components such as databases and storage paradigms. Amid this proliferation of cloud applications and next-generation infrastructure components, enterprise developers and IT groups are faced with the daunting task of integrating them all with existing on premise infrastructure and applications.

The answer to this integration problem was supposed to be solved with availability of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). However, today, there are some 13,000 APIs available and the number is expected to double within the next twelve months. As large enterprises set out to design complex workflows within their infrastructure, their only option today is to create point-to-point integration using these APIs. Not only is it cumbersome and inefficient to maintain this infrastructure, it becomes exponentially harder as application vendors are continuously changing their APIs. This complex web of connectors is fragile and the cost of infrastructure breaking is enormous.

Enter MuleSoft, the only integration platform that is built for the world of diverging applications and infrastructure paradigms. Powered by an open source community of 150,000 developers, MuleSoft has the unique combination of both depth of functionality as well as ease of use. MuleSoft is now the fastest growing integration platform and is used by 3,500 companies worldwide including 35% of the Global 500.

Today we are delighted to announce our investment in MuleSoft. The $37 million in financing will power MuleSoft to continue its rapid growth trajectory by focusing intensely on its customers, expanding internationally and innovating on its industry defining product.

We get even more excited about MuleSoft when we think about the fact that the company is bringing automation and software to what is today a $500bn (that’s right $500bn) point-to-point integration market largely comprising services and consulting. We’ve been lucky to back category disrupting companies like Salesforce and Workday, and we are incredibly excited to have the chance to work with the world-class team at MuleSoft to help build another category defining company in integration.