Mike O'Dell

Venture Partner, Washington DC

Photo of Mike O'Dell

Mike joined NEA in 2002 as a Venture Partner. His primary interest is the structure and behavior of complex systems, especially computers and networks. He works with NEA’s Technology team on investment opportunities and serves as a Technical Advisor. He is currently a Director of Cleversafe and Sonatype and a Board Observer at Luminal, APX, Science Logic, and ZeroFox.

Mike came to NEA from UUNET Technologies where he was Chief Scientist, responsible for network and product architecture during the birth of the Commercial Internet. Prior to UUNET, Mike held positions building a supercomputer, consulting with USG agencies, and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he managed the Lab’s ARPAnet connection and spearheaded the move to Ethernet LANs and TCP/IP at other Department of Energy National Laboratories. His first startup invented a “personal search engine” but it was unfortunately 20 years ahead of its time. Mike served as an Area Director in the IETF, authored RFCs on IPv6, and delivered the RADIUS and SNMPv3 standards. He was also Founding Editor of Computing Systems, an international refereed scholarly journal.
Mike received his BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma.