Sara Nayeem featured at People v Cancer and JLABS' Gene Editing Event

November 12, 2019

The Atlantic's People v. Cancer takes place Tuesday, November 12th in NYC. The event explores what it is like to live with cancer today and the medical breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the way doctors, patients and their families think about a cancer diagnosis – and complicating their decision-making.

NEA Partner Sara Nayeem will be featured on the panel: Can Immunotherapy Scale Up? at 10am ET.

The JLABS CRISPR & Gene Editing: The New Frontier in FIghting Infectious Diseases? event is November 12th in Toronto, ON. The event focuses on CRISPR gene editing with presentations from experts in the field, startup companies innovating in this space, and investors looking to invest in these new applications.

Sara will also be a featured speaker at the JLABS event at 4pm ET.