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  • 09/02/20

    Patreon: Putting the Creator First

    I’m excited to share that NEA has co-led the Series E financing of 90M for Patreon! Patreon is a platform for online creators to engage with their…

    By: Jonathan Golden

    Consumer, Digital Media, Investment, Services

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  • 03/14/18

    Smartcar: Driving a New Standard for Automobiles

    It may come as no surprise that we at NEA are big fans of APIs (see MuleSoft and Plaid examples). APIs have become the fundamental backbone of every…

    By: Forest Baskett, PhD

    Data, Cloud Computing, Investment, Mobile, Services

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  • 12/07/17

    You Should Make an App for That

    I remember listening skeptically to a talk at MIT by a young Mitch Kapor describing how he was going to take on VisiCalc with an even better…

    By: Greg Papadopoulos, PhD

    Data, Investment, Services, Venture Capital

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  • 05/05/16

    Becoming NEA: A New Look for a Storied Brand

    “…it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” - B. Russell A few weeks ago, I ran into…

    By: Kate Barrett

    Services, Strategy, Venture Capital

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  • 01/25/16

    Design and Venture Capital Q&A with Dayna Grayson

    NEA Partner Dayna Grayson recently joined the Design and Venture Capital panel at the 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco and weighed in…

    Services, Venture Capital

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  • 11/03/15

    The Non-Designer’s Guide to Hiring a Designer

    If you’re a start-up founder looking to hire a designer, chances are you (1) aren’t entirely sure how to go about it, and (2) are wishing you’d done…


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  • 10/15/15

    Why Design at NEA?

    A few months ago, when Dayna Grayson and Kate Barrett first mentioned to me the possibility of joining NEA as a Designer-in-Residence, I was…


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