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  • November 16, 2012

From wise to witty; from talks to tweets... here is a roundup of words from NEA partners and entrepreneurs that caught our eyes (and ears!) this week:

  1. “You don’t have to be a founder to be an entrepreneur.”
    Tom Grossi, NEA Partner
    Georgetown Entrepreneur Day, 11/9/12
  2. "I think 100 percent of innovation is driven by your ability to fail quickly and your ability to learn [from it] and evolve.”
    JJ Aguhob, Viddy President and Co-Founder 11/12/12
  3. "The only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday."
    @DaVita tweet on 11/12/12
  4. “You have to take the youth seriously. You have to enable them to be in a position such that they can innovate…You have to create the ecosystem so they can flourish.”
    Sheel Tyle, NEA Associate
    On stage with his brother Sujay Tyle at Techonomy 2012 11/12/12
  5. “It was not a dare...I am growing this mustache for a really good cause...”
    Justin Klein, NEA Partner
    E-mail Subject line in reference to Movember.  11/12/12
  6. “We must invest in our entrepreneurs and education system to confront and address the challenges we face today.”
    Jon Sakoda, NEA Partner
    NEA Blog: A Crisis in Education is a Terrible Thing to Waste  11/13/12
  7. “Not everyone has the maker or creator title, but everyone feels like they’re behind the same purpose.”
    Jeff Greenspan, Buzzfeed Chief Creative Officer  11/14/12
  8. “Advertising doesn’t have to feel like advertising.”
    Akshay Kothari on, Pulse CEO
    In reference to ‘brand stories’ i.e. content advertising
    Forbes 11/14/12
  9.   "Because of the cloud, we had zero downtime in the aftermath of #sandy"
    Retweeted by Box  11/14/12 (original tweet ‏@brabenstine)
  10. “Precious few tech products are groundbreaking, no matter what the folks paid to hype them claim…At the risk of overhyping things myself, the technology has the potential to reinvent photography itself."
    Edward C. Baig, USA Today 11/16/12
    On the new Lytro
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