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  • November 30, 2012

From wise to witty; from talks to tweets… here is a roundup of words from NEA partners and entrepreneurs that caught our eyes (and ears!) this week:

  1. "#CyberMonday TODAY ONLY, get our 10 CD-ROMs for free. Just kidding :) Duolingo is always free. Save your money for a plane ticket instead."
    @Duolingo tweet 11/26/12
  2. "The best ideas can come from the most unexpected places."
    Clara Shih, Hearsay Social CEO
    On Lessons from 2012 Venture Beat 11/26/12
  3. "Some say children are our future. I say children are our present" #D2Lmobolize
    @Desire2Learn retweet 11/26/12 (original tweet @sharkwarriorjr)
  4. “It’s like flying a plane: To know how to do it without crashing and burning, you need to understand the physics of flight and how the plane works.”
    Pete Sonsini, NEA General Partner
    On the growing collaboration of marketing and technology from Venture Beat 11/27/12
  5. "Congrats @NEAVC Top 10 VC Firms 2012"
    @Apprenda tweet 11/27/12
  6. “When you go into an enterprise and talk to them, you say ‘we’re here to build the foundation for the next 10 years of app development for you’.”
    Sinclair Schuller, CEO at Apprenda
    Cloudbeat 2012
  7. We're excited to be named the Platts Global Energy Award Rising Star of the Year!  #PlattsGEA
    @Opower tweet 11/29/12

…and to wrap up the week, some Movember musings:

  1. “...stash your cash behind my 'stache”
    Justin Klien, NEA Partner
    @JustinKlien1 Movember Twitter campaign
  2. “As long as it raises money and awareness, then I’m all for embarrassing myself – because if you’re not having a good time doing good, then you’re probably not doing it right!”
    Mo Makhzoumi, NEA Partner 11/29/12
  3. “[He] will have to show his furry face every time he flies, for years.”
    Lora Kolodny, Wall Street Journal Blog 11/30/12
    On NEA Partner Paul Walker’s Movember Drivers License photo
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